Essential Facts about Academic Writing

Writing comes naturally to many people, and plenty of people notice this while growing up. As such, you might have loved academic writing while in college in your pursuit of pursuing a specific career, whether in law, science, mathematics, engineering, commerce, etc. However, the job reality post-graduation often shocks most graduates. It becomes difficult to secure employment, and in most instances, you can end up jobless. In cases where you secure an employment opportunity, the pay often proves too little to cater to your student loans and other life essentials.

In light of all these, learning about academic writing for a fee can prove an enticing prospect, not only to accentuate your income but to rely on it full time. Plenty of platforms or websites exists that offer academic writing services for a fee. Coupled with your experience writing academic papers while in school, you might ponder on if the demand for your writing services represents an excellent employment opportunity. Additionally, the amount of money such sites pay ranges from the type of project to the site offering it, though the typical rate entails a $15 to $20 per page.

It implies, therefore, that the more you invest your time and effort in freelance writing, the more you can earn every month. However, academic writing comes as an unethical practice.

Academic Writing and Its Unethical Stature

Many people will argue that academic writing helps students improve their capacity to write effectively. However, the truth remains that all these explanations aim to gloss over the fact that doing students’ academic work academic remains unethical. It no longer stands as a grey area, and neither is this assumption a mildly naughty one. Everything about it reeks of wrongdoing.

As a scam-bursting writer, the whole truth about academic writing should have already come to the fore. But all in all, there exist time for everything.

Firstly, it becomes crucial to visit and see the diverse types of essay sites and what traps they lay to suck in writers. Plenty of bait-and-switch-paid academic sites exist. Here, you can observe the way they confuse writers regarding academic writing. Essay sites try to portray academic writing as a legitimate niche where you can freelance for a fee. Such sites get creative in their descriptions, and it comes as no surprise to find descriptions tailored as providing “inspiration” or “tutoring” work. As well as these might seem, the reality encompasses the fact that these are all lies.

When you read the explanations closely, you will realize that the sites aim at doing academic papers for students dressed up as something else. For instance, you will get their captions having plenty of errors, and besides the glamor of trying to provide insight and help to students regarding their essays, a closer inspection will reveal their true nature. You will get terms such as “get paid to write compelling essays for learners” and not what they had earlier alluded to.

Academic writing sites prove fishy to aid and abet unethical practices in the realm of academics. Imagine taking a student loan so that you can complete your college studies and offer your kids a better education, only to realize that someone else wants to do their academic assignments for a fee. Why then would schools have an ethics code? A code of ethics exists solely to limit and prevent academic cheating.

Additionally, instructors also admit that when students enlist experts’ help, their papers can easily get discerned or detected. It becomes easy to note the difference between your student’s ability and what they present as their work.


Academic writing can become helpful to students, though it often proves unethical in the academic arena. Therefore, take care if you must work or enlist their help with your academic assignment.

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