How to Get a Writing Job Online

As a writing lover, you would also love to express your writing skills to the world and, more importantly, mint some money from the same. Once you have the desired writing skills, the next step is to establish how and where to get a writing job. There are limited platforms, both online and offline, that provide support for writing careers. It is, therefore, a personal initiative to establish means through which one can land the writing jobs. In this piece, we shall help you understand some of the crucial ways to get a writing job. Let us commence with some of the typical ways.

Make yourself marketable

If you are already able to write captivating pieces, you should not keep waiting for a client to arise from nowhere and offer you a writing job. At times, getting a writing job is a personal initiative. It is, therefore, essential to take the full armor of getting the writing gigs through different ways. There are various approaches to marketing yourself. One of the first steps to selling yourself is getting a degree or, instead, a certification in some related field. A degree or certificate will always spice up your profile once you bid for a particular project. While marketing yourself, it is also essential that you are defining a specific area you want to write about and establish a marketable minor.

Grow your grammar skills

After you are sure that you want to venture into writing, a good and first assessment is the grammatical capabilities. If you do not have impeccable grammar skills, you will likely fail to enjoy your writings and lose your rating from most potential clients. If you find it harder to understand and solve grammatical issues, you can always do related classes online or find a grammatical tutor to help you. Other related necessities for landing a proper writing job include impeccable editing skills, a proper understanding of style guides, versatility, practice, and much more.     

Other crucial considerations that will help you get a writing job easily include:

  • Prepare a flawless resume

Most employers will always look at the resume because it is a reflection of your capabilities. In the same manner, clients with writing gigs will always look at the resume to assess their capabilities to handle their writing tasks. It is, therefore, essential to generate a flawless resume that will spell out most of your achievements.   

  • Come up with an outstanding portfolio

Another crucial consideration clients will always pay attention to is the personal portfolio. Since it is also a greater area of concern, you should always focus on polishing your portfolio to define the skills and capabilities you have accumulated all through. However, if you have not made your portfolio better, you can always consider preparing a few samples of your work and sharing them directly with trustable clients.

Other crucial considerations include proper networking to reach out to a wide range of clients. With networking, you can always get more significant opportunities and share your work with potential clients worldwide. One of the common approaches to developing a reliable network is signing up for networking websites where you can always reach out to a wide range of employers on the online platform. A good instance of such a platform is LinkedIn, which will expose you to these clients.  

Other productive strategies that will always steer your journey of gaining the most competitive writing gigs include internship applications, establishing and taking part in freelancing opportunities, publishing samples of your work, and much more.  


Many opportunities will always increase your chances of getting freelance writing jobs. If you explore most of them in detail, landing a freelancing chance will always be as easy as you would think. Other vital considerations include consideration of grant writing jobs and, above all, keep writing.

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