Legal Writing and Research Jobs

In recent times, writing has emerged as an honest and serious income source for anyone with interest. Most people can now write for a fee by relying on major and mainstream establishments but online for websites. One key and growing niche entails legal and law writing, where you need some background in law but do not necessarily possess a law degree. All you need entails understanding some of the legal jargon used and how to structure legal documents. For this, you only need to rely on the internet to learn some crucial aspects of the legal world to become aptly able to write within this niche.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in law or any related area, you can easily apply and get hired by writing companies specializing in legal writing. One such company entails the Academia-Research. Here, you can join a network of writers who freelance and earn plenty of money while enjoying privileges like fitting their work alongside their life. In most instances, all you need as a requirement entails fluency in the English language, possess relevant education, and a passion for writing papers for students doing law. Additionally, you can enroll and get a probation timeline of five tasks in instances where you have zero writing experience but desire to write.

Why Working as a Legal Writer Can Prove a Sublime Decision

Working as freelance legal writing and research person comes as a legit career path and comes with a reliable income. You can always get high rates when you register with writing companies such as Academia-Research.  Additionally, you can enjoy the comfort that comes with working at your pace while at home. Such an environment eliminates the need to interact with toxic managers and the daily daunting office activities.   

Such platforms also offer screened jobs where you get to work with clients of reputable backgrounds and need assistance with their legal writing. Assignments can include legal dispute resolution, case studies, and sometimes, writing papers. All you have to do entails picking subjects and the job types you feel comfortable handling besides picking the delivery dates. Here, you can manage your workload and produce high-quality write-ups on time. Further, you can develop your customer base to get to earn extra. 

Facts to Know Before Applying for Legal Writing Gigs

  • High rates of payment. Every job gets priced depending on several aspects such as difficulty level and urgency. When the deadline proves shorter, the price always comes higher.
  • Convenient platform. You have to consider the convenience a platform brings before applying for a freelance writing gig, especially when it involves cooperation between you and the client.
  • Expert support team. Try and get expert support and advice whenever you encounter challenges. Having a platform that can address your issues 24/7 becomes crucial.
  • No fees. Get a platform that pays you when you write and one that charges no or very little fees.
  • Manage the amount of work you handle. It becomes crucial to manage the workload every day. Therefore, try and get writing jobs that will not overwhelm you.
  • Build your career. It becomes vital to transition into an expert writer, and you will have to build your customer network to stand a chance of establishing your freelance writing business. All you in need, in this case, entails delivering high-quality content that adheres to every laid-down specification by your clients.


It becomes possible to derive a living out of legal writing. All you need entails clarity of mind on what you want to do and adhering to the guidelines provided to become successful.

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